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Clinical trial of a new knee replacement implant published

We published the results of a trial look at enhanced fixation version of a tibial (shinbone) implant during knee replacement compared to a standard tibial implant.

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Advanced CT based image tracking for next generation research

Many of our clinical trial studies use a current generation dual x-ray system called radiostereometric analysis…

Engineering research mentors for the young generation

Our biomedical engineering research team supports the learning and growth of the young generation of clinical researchers


Radiostereometric analysis for clinical research at Concordia

A rigid junction between an implant and the bone around it is critical to the success of any hip or knee replacement…

We are the pioneers of a revolutionary hip implant: the reverse hip replacement

Innovation in medicine brings about revolutions in patient care. Without innovation, we would not have the long-lasting hip and knee..

Some patients suffer from arthritis in both knees, which presents the question…


Radiostereometric analysis and clinical outcomes of a novel reverse total hip system at two years

Radiostereometric analysis demonstrates excellent fixation with a predicted low risk of revision…

Clinical trial on two HA-coated hip replacements published

We are pleased to share the recent publication of our randomized clinical hip trial that compared…

Novel reverse total hip replacement trial brings hopeful results

We are delighted to announce a major milestone of our first-in-the-world trial of a reverse total hip replacement…

We published the results of a trial look at enhanced fixation version of a tibial (shinbone) implant during…

Concordia Arthroplasty Research adopts a national strategy for ambitious research projects

Still, another far-reaching project is planned to create a first-in-Canada orthopedic analytic hub (national database on why joints fail) at the Concordia Hip and Knee Institute research centre near the Concordia Hospital.