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What We Do

Improving The Quality of Life With Research

A Unique Facility

The Hip and Knee Institute opened in 2009 and provides joint replacement surgeries to approximately 2,800 patients a year from Manitoba and parts of Ontario, Saskatchewan and Nunavut. Our on-site x-ray and radiostereometric analysis (RSA) facilities give our surgeons and researchers instant, detailed insights into the condition of joints and the performance of implants. By bringing surgery, research, and education all under one roof, our Institute is able to drive innovation in surgical techniques and implant technology, improving patient outcomes in Manitoba and across the globe.

Exceeding Expectations

Hip and knee replacement are two of the most cost-effective medical interventions ever developed. Why? Because the benefits they provide vastly outweigh the cost. They’re more effective at improving quality of life than transplants, dialysis, and bypass grafting for the heart.

Thanks to innovations in surgical techniques and the quality of the joint implants we use, our patients can expect to return to a normal, active life with very few restrictions—and the confidence that their new joints will last at least 20 years. 

Local Research, Global Impact

Clinical trials in the Hip and Knee Institute’s mechanical testing labs measure the safety and efficacy of new and current implant devices. The Institute’s implant retrieval lab (one of only two in Canada) helps clinical researchers and engineers gather and analyze richer, more detailed data to identify problems with failed devices or the surgical techniques used to insert them. The published results of this research have already begun changing implant designs and surgical techniques around the world. 

Education With Reach

Our surgeons provide advanced, specialized training in hip and knee surgical techniques to residents, fellows and practicing surgeons specializing in arthroplasty. These training programs give us a unique opportunity to teach the findings of our latest research to the medical community. Many of these residents and fellows become surgeons practicing all over Canada.

Step Forward

Joint problems affecting the hips and knees make life miserable for millions of Canadians each year. In fact, the number of people needing hip and knee surgery continues to grow at a rate of 6 per cent annually. Osteoarthritis, or degenerative arthritis, is the main culprit—but today, more and more young and active people need hip and knee replacements due to wear and tear from athletic pursuits.

Increasing our capacity now makes good economic sense. Our research is already making a difference—but good research takes time, and we see so many opportunities to find new ways to improve the lives of those suffering from hip and knee problems. By making a donation to the Hip and Knee Institute Research Campaign today, you’re stepping forward and telling the world you care about them, and the health of future generations.