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Clinical trial of a new knee replacement implant published


January 26, 2024

Arthroplasty Research team published the results of a trial look at an enhanced fixation version of a tibial (shinbone) implant during knee replacement compared to a standard tibial implant.

“The new implant design includes “pockets” in the bottom of the tibial component for better bonding to bone cement, “ according to Dr. Christiaan Righolt, Director of Clinical Research at Concordia.

“We used radiostereometric analysis (radiostereometric-analysis-and-clinical-outcomes) to compare the stability of these implants and showed that both performed well; the implants barely moved during the first two years of use”  he said.

This typically means there is a low long-term risk of painful loosening for the patients using these implants.

  • Impact: This shows the new design performs as well as the old design
  • PROMs were similar between both groups, this includes satisfaction, pain, and functional improvements.
  • Study size: 50 patients
  • Study location: Between Winnipeg and London, ON
  • Study duration: Followed patients for 2 years.
  • Principal Investigator, Dr. Thomas R. Turgeon.

The team thanks everyone who participated in this study with us.  

Bone Jt Open 2024;5(1):20–27., “Randomized controlled trial comparing traditional versus enhanced-fixation designs of a novel cemented total knee arthroplasty tibial component

Read the full article here:

Thomas R. Turgeon, Edward Vasarhelyi, James Howard, Matther Teeter, Christiaan H. Righolt, Trevor Gascoyne, Eric Bohm