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Improving The Quality of Life With Research

What We Do

Our mission is to accelerate arthroplasty discovery to improve the health and quality of life in our community through clinical trials, research studies, implant testing, education, and advocacy.

Funding Partners

Our research is made possible by the generosity of donors. We are grateful for the shared and aligned vision with our supporters.

Our Focus Areas

  • Research
  • Education
  • Community
  • Communication
  • Awareness

Our mission is to accelerate arthroplasty discovery

The Arthroplasty Research Chair at Concordia is an important partner with the Concordia Hospital and Concordia Foundation in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

One of the strategic directions of the Concordia Foundation is to promote and support Innovation, Research and Education. The Chair is governed by a Research Committee of the Concordia Foundation and we collaborate with the Foundation to achieve our mission and vision. Our mission is to accelerate arthroplasty discovery that improves health and quality of life through research, education and advocacy.

Our News

Clinical trial of a new knee replacement implant published

We published the results of a trial look at enhanced fixation version of a tibial (shinbone) implant during knee replacement compared to a standard tibial implant.


The research team is committed to excellence and discovery

We are committed to achieving excellence in research which contributes to the improvements of medical devices, processes and patient outcomes.

Committee Members

Our volunteer committee has a strong belief in the impact of research

We are committed to achieving excellence in research which contributes to the improvements of medical devices, processes and patient outcomes.

Orthopaedic Innovation Centre Attains Accreditation for 10 New Standards, Revolutionizing Orthopaedic Device Testing

The Orthopaedic Innovation Centre (OIC) is thrilled to announce its prestigious re-accreditation and scope extension within the Laboratory Accreditation Program of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).

“Achieving this accreditation shows the determination of our team towards building a top-tier laboratory that supports and bolsters medical device manufacturers and innovators.” said Trevor Gascoyne, Chief Executive Officer, Orthopaedic Innovation Centre.


We focus on orthopaedics to improve lives for people who are struggling with musculoskeletal disorders and ultimately enhance their quality of and equity of care. Our multi-faceted team members, including engineers, clinicians, orthopedic surgeons and students, are well-known in their field and globally.

The Chair is Dr. Thomas Turgeon who, together with pioneers of innovation Dr. Eric Bohm, Dr. David Hedden and Dr. Colin Burnell have worked together to highlight the importance of research and the need for increased research funding.

We also collaborate in a medical mission, Operation Walk Manitoba, every year, where our team of 65 health professionals travel to Nicaragua to perform life-enhancing surgeries for people with debilitating hip and knee joint disease.

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Our Research Legacy began in 2003 and has thrived over the past 20 years, achieving many meaningful goals and milestones. Thanks to generous donors we constructed the Hip and Knee Institute in 2009, creating a centre of capability and excellence. Our research has stretched from the benchtop to the bedside and beyond.


Arthroplasty Research and orthopaedics are a focus of our work that has global reach and impacts thousands of people. Media inquiries or use of our marks and material should be directed to us via secure email.


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Impact and Rationale for Research

Throughout a person’s life, they face many health challenges. The advancement of medicine through research directly results in breakthroughs to solve these health challenges. The goal of orthopaedic research at Concordia is to continue pushing the boundaries of how medicine improves the lives of people.

Community Partners

We share best practices and seek collaborative opportunities to improve the experience for our patients – current and future. The Concordia Joint Replacement Group has had a long history of research, which has resulted in direct, tangible benefits to our patients. Our Implant Retrieval Analysis Program (IRAP) has collected more than 4,000 implants at our implant retrieval lab—only one of two in Canada. We have published more than a dozen research studies involving implants, helping surgeons in Winnipeg and worldwide.

Discover More About Us

The Hip and Knee Institute serves 2,500+ patients a year from Manitoba and parts of Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Nunavut. Hip and knee replacements are more effective at improving quality of life than transplants, dialysis, and bypass grafting for the heart. We are home to the Reverse Hip Replacement. Only 24 people in the world have had this experimental procedure aimed at reducing painful joint dislocations, and they are all from right here in Manitoba!

Our Humanitarian Mission

We partner with Operation Walk Manitoba, which is a charitable volunteer medical service organization whose purpose is to provide surgical treatments for people who live in developing countries and have little or no access to care for debilitating bone and joint diseases. Learn more here.

About this Website

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Join us and “shoot from the hip” Wednesday, August 14, 2024
Elmhurst Golf & Country Club.

Operation Walk Manitoba is hosting its annual Gala on Oct 24, 2024! Meet the people behind the amazing missions trip to Nicaragua, and learn about the lives they impact.