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Clinical Trials

A Step Together

Our surgeons are active researchers that want to provide the best possible care to every patient. Part of this drive is to continue studying what can make joint replacements even better. For each such study that directly involves patients, which is called a clinical trial, we recruit patient who are willing to be part of this trial. If you participate in the trial, you can expect the following general steps to happen:

  1. Every trial has specific conditions patients need to meet to be able to join. For example, some trials are limited to just the knee or just the hip. The study team (surgeons, study coordinators, and other at Concordia) look through the schedule and determine which patients meet these conditions.
  2. If you meet the conditions, a study coordinator will reach out to you to inform you that you could join this trial and the coordinator will explain the details of the trial.
  3. If you do not want to join, please say so and you will care as usual, saying no at any point is okay and will not affect your care in any way. If you are interested to join, the study coordinator will answer any questions you may have and ensure that you understand what you sign up for.
  4. The last step to formally enroll for the trial is for you to sign the “Informed Consent Form”. This form explains everything related to the study (inform) and states that you agree with it (consent). If you have any questions at this point, feel free to ask the coordinator.
  5. You will receive your standard care in addition to the care under investigation, for example, new artificial joint components or specific prescription drug use. As part of the study, you may have additional follow-ups or x-rays as explained in the documents you sign.
  6. The study team, including the surgeons, will follow study progress, and investigate all results. They will report on the outcomes and may change their practice based on the results of the study.

We want to express our warmest thanks to everyone who participated in our clinical trials. Your willingness to be a part of this important research is what allows us to continue to improve joint replacement surgery. We understand that participating in a clinical trial requires time and effort, and we truly appreciate your involvement. On behalf of our entire team, Thank You!