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Novel Reverse Total Hip Replacement Trial Brings Hopeful Results


We are delighted to announce a major milestone of our first-in-the-world trial of a reverse total hip replacement, that was originally implanted by our team of orthopaedic surgeons at Concordia We are the Pioneers of a Revolutionary Hip Implant: The Reverse Hip Replacment

We have published results on the initial group of patients that volunteered for this study which shows great performance and clinical outcomes of this novel hip implant design.

Using our radiostereometric analysis system (RSA), we examined the implants fixation within the hip joint. We found that both the hip cup and femoral stem were stable over time and remained secure. We also looked at how the patients fared in this trial. The vast majority of patients reported they were satisfied or very satisfied with this hip replacement. As this trial continues, we plan to publish more reports on a larger group of patients with different characteristics as well as the projected lifespan of this joint replacement.

We thank all the patients who volunteered to be part of this groundbreaking trial.

Bone and Joint Open, “Radiostereometric analysis and clinical outcomes of a novel reverse total hip system at two years”

Dr. Turgeon, Dr. Hedden, Dr. Bohm, and Dr. Burnell