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Radiostereometric Analysis for Clinical Research at Concordia


A rigid junction between an implant and the bone around it is critical to the success of any hip or knee replacement. If this junction does not form following surgery, or if it is disturbed during the lifespan of the implant, it can lead to implant loosening. Loose implants may cause pain and may require a re-do surgery to replace and fix it.

Concordia is home to a specialized medical imaging system known as radiostereometric analysis, or RSA for short. For more than 20 years, Concordia researchers have been using RSA to monitor the implant-bone junction in hips, knees, and shoulder replacements to ensure it remains robust throughout the lifetime of the implant. We lead a network of Canadian centers collaborating for over a decade and are embarking on new initiatives to expand this network and continue to provide insight into hip and knee replacement performance and longevity for Canadians.