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Students/Research Updates

Jessie Robertson

“I hope to improve patient care through my research and with the support of a great engineering and clinical team.”

Jessie recently started her Biomedical Engineering Master’s program at the University of Manitoba and is currently working at the Orthopaedic Innovation Centre (OIC) as a clinical analyst on a part-time basis. In her role at OIC she will be working on radiostereometric analysis (RSA), and her Master’s thesis work will involve validating the next generation technology for RSA: using CT scanners (Advanced CT Based Image Tracking for Next Generation Research).

During her undergraduate degree at the University of Manitoba, Jessie was exposed to the work of the Orthopedic Innovation Centre by her instructor, Sara Gustafson, who taught a course on the Applications of Engineering in Medicine and who is one of OIC’s technical leads.

Jessie is excited to be working with the team of Biomedical Engineers at OIC. “Biomedical Engineering is a small community that is strong and driven within Manitoba.”

We welcome Jessie to the Concordia Arthroplasty Research team and look forward to sharing our values and goals with her and others as we focus on training the next generation of researchers. 

Alexander Ulyanov

Alex has worked hard to progress a few of our clinical research studies this summer during his co-op position at the Orthopaedic Innovation Centre. He has helped out our research department tremendously through data input, evaluation, and chart review. We thank him for his time and effort put towards prosthetic joint infection research, and analysis for our retrospective hinge knee study. He has also been very busy keeping up with pre-operative and post-operative planning, as well as administering patient consent forms.

We wish Alex all the best as he moves forward to his next year at the University of Manitoba to achieve his Bachelor of Science with a Major in Microbiology. Thank you Alex!

Rachel Bartel

It was a pleasure having Rachel Bartel help in our engineering test lab this summer for her co-op position. She’s been working very diligently with our team to execute various hip and ankle wear tests on our joint simulators, involving gravimetric analysis, wear analysis, and lubricant preparation. She has become an expert in explant processing of retrieved implants gathered from the Concordia Hospital. She has also been a part of maintaining our quality system by performing internal audits and implementing organizational strategies.

We wish Rachel all the best as she begins her next year at the Canadian Mennonite University to gain her Bachelor of Sciences with a Major in Biology. Thank you Rachel!