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Clinical Trial on Two HA-Coated Hip Replacements Published


We are pleased to share the recent publication of our randomized clinical hip trial that compared the stability of two different hydroxyapatite (HA)-coated femoral stems. The femoral stem component of a total hip replacement restores the upper portion of the femur. The HA coating is designed to promote bone ingrowth onto the femoral stem to ensure it remains solidly in place.

Our research showed that both stem designs provided high patient functional outcome scores and quality of life improvement. Additionally, implant micro-movement was minimal over the first two years post-operative for both stems, indicating strong hip stability and low risk for long-term (10+ years) concerns such as pain and loosening of the implant.

We thank all the patients who participated in this trial.

Comparison of two hydroxyapatite-coated femoral components: a randomized clinical trial using radiostereometric analysis

Dr. Turgeon, Dr. Burnell, Dr. Hedden, Dr. Bohm Christiaan Righolt, and Trevor Gascoyne